Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Tianjin University of Technology & Study in tjut

Procedures of Enrollment:

1. Contact us

Email us to request for an Application Form, or directly download the Application Form by clicking “Download Application Form” on the top right of this web page. Fill out the Application Form, and then send it to

2. Get your visa

When you have received the admission documents sent to you, you may go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country to get your visa.

(1) X visa (student visa) & F visa (visiting visa): If you are to take a long-term Chinese language program (more than 3 months) or a degree program at our university, you should take the Admission Notice and the JW202 Form sent to you by our International Student Office to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country when you go there to get your visa. The visa official may issue you an X visa or an F visa according to regulations.

(2) L visa (tourist visa): An L visa holder, who is to stay in China for a few weeks, may take a short-term Chinese language program (including summer and winter programs) at our university. But please make sure that the validity of your L visa should be long enough to cover your duration of study at our university.

(3) Z visa (employment-based visa): A Z visa holder, who works in china or whose spouse works in China, may apply to study at our university.

Note: If you want to take a long-term Chinese language program or a degree program at our university, but apply too late to have the necessary documents to get an X visa or F visa before you leave your country, you may come, with our permission, as a tourist first (hold an L visa) , and we shall assist you in going through necessary visa formalities for changing your status when you have arrived for registration (the expenses are on your own). In this case, please make sure to get our permission beforehand.

3. Get to campus

Download the guide maps from our website (by clicking “Maps” on the left of this web page) before you leave for China. If it is not convenient for you to download the maps, you can email us to request for them. The guide maps are useful for you to get to campus when you arrive in Tianjin.

If you wish us to send someone to meet you at the airport, email or fax us in advance the detailed information of your flight number, arriving date and time ( Beijing time), name of the airport (Tianjin or Beijing), and arriving airport terminal, etc. An airport-meet fee shall be charged.

4. Registration

Within 72 hours after your arrival on campus, come to register at our International Student Office. Bring with you your passport, Admission Notice, JW202 Form, 5 photos (3 x 4cm) and, if required, the Physical Examination Record For Foreigners with original relevant examination reports.

5. Payment

Tuition and other fees shall be paid at the time of registration.

6. Life on campus

Food: There are quite a number of student cafeterias and restaurants on campus, offering a good variety of foods, costing about $2 - $4 a day at your own choice. Or you may cook for yourself, free public kitchens available at the International Student Dormitory.

Accommodation: There are 3 types of furnished single and twin rooms at the International Student Dorm of TUT for you to choose from (refer to the page of “Expenses” on this website for detailed information). If you plan to stay in the Dorm during your study at our university, you should mark your choice of room on your Application Form (The 3 types of Dorm rooms are on a first-come-first-choose basis);

Students’ communities: International students are encouraged to join any of the various student communities at TUT and make friends with TUT’s Chinese students.

Sports: sports ground, tennis courts, outdoor/indoor courts for ball games, etc.

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